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                                                        (cheaper of the 4 kits I will refund your credit back for that one)

                                        ALL SALES FINAL

                                                              NOTE: DUE TO HIGHER PRICES ON SHIPPING ON MY END I 

                                                                     HAVE TO INCREASE THE KIT PRICES SOME TO MAKE UP 

                                                        SOME OF THE SHIPPING I'M GETTING CHARGED FROM

                                                          VENDORS THANKS FOR UNDERSTANDING


                                                          Please note: orders to Texas, Virginia, California, 

                                                   ETC. may have an added shipping charge due to

                                                           it costing more to mail them from NJ (additional                                                                shipping must be paid before I ship if there is 

                                                      added costs to shipping)


Beach Day 1/2 Umbrella

Fun beach layout to put your photos on

12x12 - 1 Page Layout

Happy Easter Pink/White 1

Adorable layout for all your Easter photos. Easy to do


12x12 - 2 Page Layout

Bees & Honey

Adorable layout to use all your Disney Pooh photos or just for your everyday child photos. Easy to do

12x12 - 1 Page Layout

Memories Balloons

Fun layout to do for those few photos you have related to Disney. Easy to do

12x12 - 1 Page Layout